Hanna Brotherus


Nicole Betita is a luminous and inspirational teacher. Her experience and passion for dance and yoga comes across through a manner that is both warm as well as demanding. In addition to the movements themselves Nicole teaches thoroughness and caring. During her classes the spirit and body are one and the same. Nicole’s joy is infectious. She passes on what she has been given and learned.


I have been attending Nicole’s yoga and barre classes regularly for over a year. I love them and after every class I feel energised, strong and calm. The classes are versatile, carefully planned and run smoothy. They develop a combination of strength and flexibility, of which Nicole herself is an embodiment.


In the tranqulity of Nicole’s classes everyone can work on their own bodies and minds without comparing themselves to others or judge anyone else. Nicole has an unbelievable ability to create an atmosphere in which everybody can focus on developing themselves in precisely the stage that they happen to be at on that particular day.

10 Jan 2021


Bruno Beaugrand

Co Founder, Lumi

Nicole has the simple yet fantastic ability to listen to your needs. Each body and mind needs a different fuel. The answers given to them with yoga poses, rhythms, and motivational moves to go further is exactly what I love. Nicole has a perfect tone of voice. She pushes you out of your usuals right when you need it. This is what I call caring. Thank you a thousand times.

Dec 2020


Tomi Kokko

Founder & CEO, Lean in Five Weeks Challenge

I have attended Nicole’s yoga classes for a few months now and I have been super impressed about them. Her passion for teaching, kindness and the positive energy she is able to create in each class is simply amazing. I am a busy entrepreneur and the stress levels can be through the roof at times. However, after her classes I feel recovered, aligned and ready to go again. I would strongly recommend experiencing her classes yourself, especially the Vinyasa ones are my favourite.

8 Jan 2021


Nisa Soraya

Producer & Pop Singer

Nicole is a pure yogi. I LOVE her classes. The soft voice lulls you into a really tough workout and always makes you feel amazing. Her teaching flows intuitively and her classes are a treat both for the body and the soul.

28 Dec 2020


Samuel Phua


Nicole Betita was one of the few yoga teachers I kept in touch with from Finland and really inspired me to take a leap of faith to  be a yoga teacher.

7 Oct 2020


Anastasia Berezhnaya


Those of you who asked me where  I go for yoga in Helsinki, would remember excited outpouring about best-best-best yoga teacher, Nicole. Saying that I recommend her just doesn't cut it. I dare you! 

23 Apr 2020