VINYASA FLOW                                      60 min

A definite favorite, vinyasa flow is a stimulating practice that works your body, mind and heart into one beautiful symphony. Expect to break a sweat. Keep yourself in check, and remember your Ujjayi breath. I know it's a lot of rhyming. I'm not a poet after all. But the moving, clears the thinking, you don't notice the clock ticking. So let's be young and have some fun, especially in Helsinki where there's no sun. But wait! It's almost summer. Surely, this year it'll come. Sun Salutations will do the trick. A little nudge, a little kick. But even if the sun don't shine, let's join our mats- yours and mine. Together, in practice, we'll be just fine.


Day 14 of Lockdown

-Nicole Betita

Roll out your mat
and let's get started!