MORNING YOGA                                  75 min

Kick start your day with this 75 minute SCRAMBLED Ashtanga Practice. What do I mean? Many times we function on auto pilot. Our morning routines become so habitual and predictable. But sometimes what our brain really needs is a road stoplight sign, flashing yellow, "Hello, let's slow down, take a moment to appreciate the view".


That's what this practice is. I mildly rearranged the Ashtanga sequence (and also kept it short and simple) so you can have the perfect balance between familiar yet different, and mild but effective.


I hope you have a fabulous day ahead of you! All the best! and remember as yogis, it is our karma to spread joy and gratitude everywhere we go, in all things we do.


Namaste, my dear yogis.​


Bring out your mat
and let's get started!